• Barva means pure & divine goodness.

    Just like our jaggery and personal care products. Made without any toxic ingredients. Safe & natural. Enjoyed by all children and grownups alike.
    Give in to natural. Give back to society.
    For every product sold, we contribute Rs.5 to Aakar Foundation, Sangli.

Organic Jaggery of your Choice

Rich in iron, trace minerals and salts, this Jaggery has been infused with medicated herbal extracts. It is scrumptiously sweet & comes in 4 distinct flavours. Consume directly or use it in food / drink preparations.

  • Pick any 1 for Rs.160
  • Pick any 2 for Rs.273
  • Pick any 3 for Rs.386
  • Pick any 4 for just Rs.499!
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